30 December, 2010

Bundled up

I'm typing this on an ipad (which I got for Christmas!) and it's kind of hard with the touch screen. But kind of cool too.

This is what I wore to work yesterday. My mom was like "i love those colors on you" and i was like "black and grey? Lol" but i didnt really say lol because i don't speak like that irl. It was really really cold today and yesterday. Cold weather makes me want warm drinks from starbucks. Which i am trying to cut down on because its so expensive. Ive been trying to just get coffees from there instead of lattes because lattes are so expensive. But i still get lattes sometimes haha.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! I want to do something really cool and I want to wear sequins and red tights and drink chanpagne and get glitter all over me. But i dont kow what im going to do. Maybe just sit at home haha. Or go to a friends house or something. Ive never done anything really cool on new years eve, and i want to this year because this might be my last new years eve in america for a while! I dont know, i guess ill just see what tomorrow brings. I might just sit at home in my sequins watching weeds on netflix. Ill be sure to take a picture haha.

Im writing a lot today. I read somewere that people like to read the little silly things that happen in your daily life. Maybe thats only if youre an interesting person though. I feel like i should have a lot more interesting things to say but i just cant think of them. I played chess at work like 8 times today. Im getting progressively better at chess, but im still pretty bad. My life is so fascinating. Also i practiced playing dust in the wind on the guitar for quite a while at work. Im getting pretty good at that. Ha my jobs the best!

Sorry about the improper punctuation. Its kind of hard to punctuize (is that a word?) on an ipad. Its also kind of hard to copy and paste and move things around, which i would normally do on a post this wordy to create some kind of coherence. I apologize :)

Happy new year everyone! I want to post tomorrow to tell you about my new years resolutions. I hope i remember.

Strange weather

This pic is from the day after Christmas. Christmas and the day after were really warm and then all of a sudden it's freezing! I don't get it weather.

23 December, 2010

i might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me


I want to roam the countryside on horseback. I want to read books and play the mandolin by candlelight. I want to dance and sing and sleep in tents, and let the light of the moon make my path. I want to travel from town to town and put on performances for pay. I want to sell handmade jewelry and patchwork quilts on the side of the road. I want to have alpacas and sheep and knit scarves out of their wool. I want to pick apples, to stir up dirt with my worn out boots, to run through forests and over streams. I want to write stories about my adventures and draw maps in a tattered leather-bound journal. I want to see the world.

And it's time to go to sleep and dream gypsy dreams.

21 December, 2010

The sun is crying

I went to the thrift store today and I got some cool stuff. Everything Christmasy was 50% off. The glittery thing underneath that candle is a gift bag. I'm not sure if I'm going to give it away. I might just hang it on my wall or something cause it's so pretty haha. I bought that gold fuzzy stuff (garland?) that you wrap around a Christmas tree because I want to hang it from my ceiling or something. I also got some other stuff.

When I was in the store today I put all the stuff I was holding down and I thought it all looked pretty together and I had the idea right then to take a picture of it an blog about it. There were a ton of cool hair bows but I only bought two of them. They're kind of ridiculous looking but how could I pass something like that up?

The sweater is big and comfortable and enveloping.

I don't know if these shoes are for men or for women? They're kind of big but I just thought they were really cute. I like the way all the things I bought look together. They would make a good outfit with a pair of grey jeans and maybe peacock feather earrings or something.

I think this is worth mentioning. This was an idea that I got to display my earrings better. I don't like jewelry boxes because I never open them so all of my jewelry was just sitting on my windowsill before. I had this netted shirt thing that I don't really wear so I cut it up and hung it on the wall. Its kind of piratey. And now I can put other things on my windowsill. You could do this yourself with a piece of netted or sheerish fabric and some thumbtacks.


It is raining a lot right now. It sounds like the end of the world outside my window.

invisibility cloak

I helped do makeup and scene changes for the Christmas play at my church a few days ago. There was this sheer rainbow fabric that we used as a background for one scene. Of course I wanted to take pictures with it.

18 December, 2010


I got a weekend job as a character for birthday parties. I started today as Sleeping Beauty at a little girl's birthday party. I got to make balloon animals and paint nails and talk to 4 year olds the entire time.

This was before I put on the wig and dress. I looked up pictures of Sleeping Beauty online to see how her makeup looked. Obvi I don't look like her yet with my short brown hair. I look like Boris Karloff and I don't even care.
I've been listening to Tom Petty all day, can you tell?

I take pictures of myself driving. Not the safest thing in the world. I was swerving a lot. I really like this wig. I want to grow my hair out this long.

I looked pretty ridiculous driving across town to the place where the party was at. When I was stopped at a stop light a car full of people next to me was pointing and laughing. I just smiled and waved haha.

The party was really fun. The little girl was obsessed with Sleeping Beauty so it was really cool to be there as her. I sat at a special princess table with the birthday girl and drank fruit punch out of a plastic pink teacup.

I've always wanted to be a princess at Disneyland so I guess this is the next best thing. I'm pretty excited about it.

15 December, 2010

dream big

These are the most interesting pictures that I could find on my computer. I took the bottom 2, but not the top one obvi. They don't go together or anything, I just think they're all pretty cool. I wish I could tie them all together with some kind of cool story or something that makes this seem worthwhile. I could tell you stories about each individual picture but it would make this all more unorganized and thrown together.

I feel kind of sill having a blog and posting pictures of myself on it, because really, who wants to read this crap? I wish I had more interesting pictures and more interesting things to say!

I will work on it.

04 December, 2010


We just got a new donkey. Her name is Dolly. She is 7 months old, has the softest fur ever, and is as sweet as a button.

03 December, 2010


I want to wear this velvet dress to a holiday party. I got it for free at work. I am obsessed with velvet. It reminds me of Christmas.

I love Christmas. I think I'm more excited about than ever this year.

Click the link below to read a story that I wrote a few Christmases ago for a creative writing class. Hopefully it will put you in the Christmas Spirit too. :)


I've been trying on all of my clothes and now my clothes are all over the floor. Also, I found this headdress that I made for my Halloween costume (I was an Indian).

It's really cold right now, but I guess I'm going to have to get used to the cold since I might be going to Eastern Europe in the Peace Corps. I don't like the cold that much.

I have a cut on my finger and I can't really play my guitar. I've had it for about two weeks now. It's making me angry.

28 November, 2010

big coats

I like coats that look like they would be in the movie Almost Famous. I have one that looks pretty simialr to the one in the above picture, but I need to get the seams resewn because it's old and the thread is falling apart. But I don't know how much that costs to do or even where to go to get it done. The dry cleaners??

I like this coat a lot. My aunt gave it to me. My ring has a pressed flower in it. I got my hair cut again.
Andrea got this coat at a church rummage sale. It matches her dog Stitch.
I'm almost into the Peace Corps and I'm thinking about selling most of my clothes on e-bay, but I still need to wrap my head around the idea because I really love my clothes.

16 November, 2010

in through the out door

This is a view of my closet area. I hung Christmas lights around it so I decided to take a picture. I love my closet but I wish it had a little more room because my clothes don't fit in it that well. It's a lot better than it used to be though because my stepdad recently helped me renovate it. We added two more bars for hangers and a lot of shelves for shoes. And then I got rid of a TON of clothes. But for some reason they still don't fit in there.

I could tell you stories about each item of clothing in here. They all came from somewhere special or have a memory tied behind them. I guess everyone's closet is like that though. And what's weird to think about is that all of my second-hand clothes probably had other stories behind them before I bought them! Who knows what adventures they've seen?

I'm sitting in my room with only the Christmas lights on right now. They cast a soothing glow and make the white walls look golden.

14 November, 2010

it's that time of year

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I think I've already mentioned Christmas at least 3 times on this blog. I love Christmas. But who doesn't? I want to put up a tree already.

My mom bought these cinnamon scented pine cones and put them in our kitchen and now whenever I walk in the door it smells like Christmas. And she bought eggnog the other day. Pumpkin Pie and Eggnog are the two tastes that instantly put me in the Christmas spirit.

I've been listening (and hula hooping) to Trans Siberian Orchestra. My brother told me that I can't listen to Christmas music yet because it's not even Thanksgiving but I didn't listen to him!

I have snowflakes painted on my toes and I've been wearing socks with snowflakes on them.

I want to make some Christmas tree ornaments this year. I have a lot of ideas.

13 November, 2010

a star to follow

I hula hooped today for, I'm gonna say, 5 hours. And I recorded myself hula hooping to Christmas music. I have nothing better to blog about. Watch it

08 November, 2010

don't you know that you are a shooting star

I saw a shooting star when I was driving home tonight. It was a very intense one that burned out really low to the horizon. All of the stars are really bright tonight because the moon is not.

I think that the area that I live in has the most beautiful skies and sunrises/sunsets. Sometimes I look at the sky and I am amazed.

It was freeeeezin today. This is what I wore. I got these boots from WalMart a couple years ago. My mom saw me this morning and said "You look pretty. Take off those boots." But I didn't listen. I'm just defiant I guess.

07 November, 2010

I live in the desert

This was the second outfit I wore today. Usually I just wear one a day but sometimes two. When I was little I would change my outfits 6 or 7 times a day. I'm not that nuts anymore.

I like wearing vests a lot. I have a lot of them in my closet. This is one of my favorites. But everything is one of my favorite somethings because I have a lot of trouble picking favorite things. I like wearing grey and brown together too. It is one of my favorite color combinations. I also like navy blue and brown and mustard yellow and grey. And I like black and brown together a lot too just because I'm not supposed to.

I live in the desert. I remember when I moved to this area I was about 6 or 7, and I was so excited because there was "a real desert in the backyard." I had never seen desert plants before. What's funny is that I also lived in the desert prior to that, I just didn't know it. Kids are dumb.

If you look closely you can spot a tractor behind me. This is a very exciting photograph.

i'm tired

This is what I wore today. I got these tights last night at WalMart while my brothers were buying a rice cooker for my mom. I've been looking for a pair like this for a while. They're perfect for winter.

Today wasn't that wintery but its was a little breezy and slightly cool. I want to go shopping for boys chunky boots at Angelview Thrift Store later. Angelview is expensive but it's the only thrift store in this town that's open on Sundays.

This dress is one of my favorites that I own. Which is weird because usually I hate polka dots. It's kind of a springy dress but I still wear my spring dresses in the winter, I just wear tights and boots with them. I don't like the idea of dressing for seasons.

I'm going to take a nap now.

06 November, 2010

Birds and ships

This was from a few days ago. I felt very trendy this day haha. I think it was the sunglasses. I really like this shirt. I got it from the thrift store and I got the earrings from the Date Festival in Indio. A few people tried to steal my earrings this day. I think now that my hairs short I look kind of funny when I wear earrings because my earrings are longer than my hair. So I haven't been wearing many earrings for the last few weeks. Not that I wore them that often before; I'm kind of lazy when it comes to jewelry. I've been wearing these shoes a lot lately even though I'm kind of uncomfortable being over 6 feet tall.

I drove a lot today and cleaned boats and got filthy but I didn't go sailing. It's okay though. I just love being on a boat, even if it's docked. I like to feel the wind and watch it chopping the water. I like to watch the seagulls and the albatross. I didn't really know what an albatross was until my brother was telling me about a poem about an albatross so I looked them up and I realized that I've been seeing them a lot when I go sailing! Apparently that's good luck.

I love being on the docks and I love being near the water. When I walk around on the docks I imagine that I'm Pippi Longstocking and that I own the place. I would really love to live on a boat; I sleep a lot better on boats. And I would love to sail around the world. That is an ultimate goal of mine: to get good enough at sailing to sail around the world alone. Imagine the adventure!

Since we're talking about sailing, here is a picture of a ship that I painted a few months ago. The picture is very blurry because I took it on my cell phone.

04 November, 2010

dreaming of winter

I can't wait for winter. It was like 100 degrees here today and I'm done with the heat. I want it to be winter so badly!

I have snowflakes painted on my toenails and I've been getting pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and I heard a Christmas song when I was in the store the other day and I'm just really really excited for winter.

Stupid southern California needs to cool down so I can wear pretty dresses with chunky sweaters and patterned tights and clunky boots and hand made scarves.

I got the new Free People catalog in the mail the other day and it's making me long for winter even more. I love love love Free People. I wish that I could afford their clothes but I love to look at the catalogs and try to find things in thrift stores that look similar to their clothing. So, today, I'm going to show you pictures of my favorite things from Free People right now.


I love lace and I love tulle. I have been looking for a lace dress for a while now, and I have found a few but they aren't quite right. I really wish that I was better at sewing so that I could alter them to look how I want. I think this lace dress is perfect for winter.

I want to find a pair of boots similar to these. I just love them. I wear a lot of ruffles and lace, and I think that these boots are good because they're rough looking and they counterbalance really girly stuff. Shoes are really hard for me to find because I buy 90% of my clothing from thrift stores and I have big feet so I can never find my size. If clothing doesn't fit right you can always put a belt around it or something, but shoes don't really work that way.

Okay, I think this is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I love love love love it. I want to try to recreate a similar one with crochet or something, but I'm not sure if I have the patience.

These shoes are so pretty. I would like to wear them to a Christmas party. I'm on a velvet kick right now. I bought a lot of velvet stuff from the thrift store yesterday.


Hot weather, please go away.

26 October, 2010

I like this scarf

Sometimes when I'm feeling lazy or tired or something, I like to dress boyish. This was one of those days. I'm not really sure if I can still get away with dressing like a boy now that I have short hair, but I don't really care that much I guess.

My shoes are Olsenboye from JcPenny's. I don't really like M.K. and A's JCPenny's clothing line that much, but I did like these shoes a lot. My scarf is from a thrift store.

I don't know what I want to be for Halloween. I was talking to a very grown-up little girl named Ashton yesterday and she told me I should be a fairy or an elf. So maybe I'll take her advise. I want to be something where I can wear cool makeup.

I want to go to Disneyland tomorrow but I'm not sure if that's gonna happen. I have an annual pass if anyone ever wants to go with me :).

24 October, 2010

Riley's Farm

There's this place in Oak Glen called Riley's Farm where you can pick apples and pumpkins and pet goats and eat food. I went there yesterday with my cousin Andrea. We ran around in between the apple trees and ate delicious pumpkin pie and I stole some raspberries off the bushes. It's a nice place to go to get excited for winter holidays. I think it would be a romantic place to go on a date too.

They had really pretty white pumpkins called Cinderella pumpkins. I wanted to buy one because I was wondering if it would make good pumpkin soup but I ended up just getting my picture taken with one instead. Look at my purse! I love it, I got it at Goodwill a few weeks ago.

This is Andrea blowing a dandelion. I made that hat.

I made this scarf too. My sweater and scarf match the orange and white pumpkins.

Me feeding an apple to a baby cow. He was adorable.