26 October, 2010

I like this scarf

Sometimes when I'm feeling lazy or tired or something, I like to dress boyish. This was one of those days. I'm not really sure if I can still get away with dressing like a boy now that I have short hair, but I don't really care that much I guess.

My shoes are Olsenboye from JcPenny's. I don't really like M.K. and A's JCPenny's clothing line that much, but I did like these shoes a lot. My scarf is from a thrift store.

I don't know what I want to be for Halloween. I was talking to a very grown-up little girl named Ashton yesterday and she told me I should be a fairy or an elf. So maybe I'll take her advise. I want to be something where I can wear cool makeup.

I want to go to Disneyland tomorrow but I'm not sure if that's gonna happen. I have an annual pass if anyone ever wants to go with me :).

24 October, 2010

Riley's Farm

There's this place in Oak Glen called Riley's Farm where you can pick apples and pumpkins and pet goats and eat food. I went there yesterday with my cousin Andrea. We ran around in between the apple trees and ate delicious pumpkin pie and I stole some raspberries off the bushes. It's a nice place to go to get excited for winter holidays. I think it would be a romantic place to go on a date too.

They had really pretty white pumpkins called Cinderella pumpkins. I wanted to buy one because I was wondering if it would make good pumpkin soup but I ended up just getting my picture taken with one instead. Look at my purse! I love it, I got it at Goodwill a few weeks ago.

This is Andrea blowing a dandelion. I made that hat.

I made this scarf too. My sweater and scarf match the orange and white pumpkins.

Me feeding an apple to a baby cow. He was adorable.

21 October, 2010


I wrote this poem about a year ago and this picture is pretty old as well, but I have nothing better to say today.


As the dusky sun sank below the hills,
two wandering pilgrims met on the road.

Both pairs of eyes shining with starlight and dreams,
the wind would take them where it meant them to go,
together they set off.

They laughed and sang songs of love,
of chance encounters and lives past,
at night they rested among the trees.

She sewed crowns of daisies as they lay in the grass,
her hair flowed like rivers of gold among the green blades,
he told her stories of misty mountains and pirate ships.

Her laughter tinkled like hundreds of bells,
the breeze lifted a lock of golden hair,
like a butterfly caressing his cheek.

When she faced him he could not see,
the pack of wolves she carried on her back,
though here and there he caught a glimpse.

Her eyes became weary,
day by day the starlight died,
and the flowers in her hair wilted with time.

And with the twinkling of the morning dew,
her eyelashes shone like glittering jewels,
tears mixed with dew rolled down freckled cheeks.

She lightly kissed his sleeping brow,
a single tear fell upon his cheek,
and light as a cat she crept back to the road.

He woke with memory of a dream,
he touched his cheek still half-asleep,
a glimpse of shadow, of fleeting moonbeam.

With a heavy heart he made for the road,
he saw the figure in the distance with hair of golden silk,
but did not hasten his steps.

A girl made her way down the road,
starlight and dreams shone in her eyes once again.

And then she disappeared.

19 October, 2010

The Old Man is Snoring

It rained a lot today. All over California, I think. I like the rain but I don't think I would want to live somewhere where it rains all the time because I would miss the sun. It's a nice change when you live in the desert though.
I got my sweater, skirt, tights, and shoes from thrift stores. The shirt is Miley Cyrus from Walmart.
I like these boots because they're pretty waterproof and I can splash in big puddles with them on. And they also make me really tall.

I think lightning struck my house this morning. It was scary. There's been a lot of thunder and lightning all day and I'm not really used to it. I think I will go look for lightning glass in the desert when the sky calms down.

I love cowboy boots

A kid at work said to me yesterday "you must like those boots a lot." Cause I wear them a lot. Cowboy boots make most outfits look better.
This sweater is from Free People. It's one of my favorites.

18 October, 2010

Gypsy Wonderland

My cousin Andrea shot a photo project for her photography class this Saturday. It stars me, my brothers MJ and Chris, MJ's girlfriend Kim, and Andrea's friend Adriana. Andrea wanted the theme to be a fun day with a bunch of friends. So we dressed like gypsies and gallivanted around the local nature preserve for the morning. It was a lot of fun and I think the resulting pictures are beautiful.

Christian and I tried to play the guitar and banjo at the same time but I couldn't keep up with him because I'm just learning.

I forgot what we were laughing at.

I think this picture is funny because Adriana looks so happy and we look very somber in the background.

MJ and Kim are precious.

I like Kim's hair and Christian's sunflower and Adriana's hat in this picture. Mj was playing the harmonica and I was playing my mouth harp.

17 October, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas

If you aren't sure what you want to be for Halloween or if you don't want to spend a bunch of money on a costume, I want to help you! These are some ideas that I came up with for Halloween costumes that don't cost anything. I think that these costumes can be re-created easily, and they're pretty versatile so you can use the things that you have in your closet to make them.


Gypsy Fortune Teller
This costume is pretty easy. The basics that you need are a long skirt and a scarf to tie around your head. Accessorize with gaudy jewelry and don't wear any shoes. Easy! I thought it would be cool to have a crystal ball too but I don't have anything like that so I'm supposed to be reading tea leaves out of a teacup.

Little Bo Peep
This costume is sweet and it would be cute for a little girl too. You need a frilly dress and a pretty hat. Instead of a parasol you could use some kind of a staff if you wanted. And I held a little stuffed lamb in the picture but that's probably not necessary if you don't have one, I think people will be able to tell who you are.

Jazz Musician
This is good if you already have some kind of musical instrument. Just find some boyish clothes and a fedora and suspenders.

I thought of this when I was looking at my hula-hoops. With this costume, if you already have something acrobatty like a hula hoop or one of those ribbon dancer things, you pretty much only need leggings or tights and maybe some ballet slippers or leg warmers. And you can do fun tricks all night! I think this costume would be cool with clown makeup too but I didn't have any.

Flower Child
Flower Child/Hippie costumes are really easy. Just put flowers in your hair and go barefoot. And if you have a guitar or something carry that too.

Pirate costumes are pretty common, but they're easy and really fun. Tie a scarf around your head and wear something with stripes or skulls. And wear a lot of gold jewelry. And you could easily make an eye-patch or hand hook. A fake parrot on the shoulder is always cool too. And it's fun to say "Arr!" to everyone.

Cowboy boots and a cowboy hat are the only essentials to this costume. The other stuff you can just wear whatever and people will know what you are. Talk with a Texas accent all night.

Indian Princess
Fringed leather stuff and feathers are good for this costume. You can go barefoot or wear some kind of moccasins. It would also be fun to make a really cool headdress. If you're doing a matchy thing with a friend, you can dress up as a cowboy and an Indian.


I hope I have given you some good ideas and inspired you to be creative. All of the things I used to create these costumes were already sitting in my closet. I know that everyone doesn't have the exact same stuff as me, but the idea is to come up with your own unique costume from what you already have.

Have a Happy Halloween :)