26 October, 2010

I like this scarf

Sometimes when I'm feeling lazy or tired or something, I like to dress boyish. This was one of those days. I'm not really sure if I can still get away with dressing like a boy now that I have short hair, but I don't really care that much I guess.

My shoes are Olsenboye from JcPenny's. I don't really like M.K. and A's JCPenny's clothing line that much, but I did like these shoes a lot. My scarf is from a thrift store.

I don't know what I want to be for Halloween. I was talking to a very grown-up little girl named Ashton yesterday and she told me I should be a fairy or an elf. So maybe I'll take her advise. I want to be something where I can wear cool makeup.

I want to go to Disneyland tomorrow but I'm not sure if that's gonna happen. I have an annual pass if anyone ever wants to go with me :).

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