06 November, 2010

Birds and ships

This was from a few days ago. I felt very trendy this day haha. I think it was the sunglasses. I really like this shirt. I got it from the thrift store and I got the earrings from the Date Festival in Indio. A few people tried to steal my earrings this day. I think now that my hairs short I look kind of funny when I wear earrings because my earrings are longer than my hair. So I haven't been wearing many earrings for the last few weeks. Not that I wore them that often before; I'm kind of lazy when it comes to jewelry. I've been wearing these shoes a lot lately even though I'm kind of uncomfortable being over 6 feet tall.

I drove a lot today and cleaned boats and got filthy but I didn't go sailing. It's okay though. I just love being on a boat, even if it's docked. I like to feel the wind and watch it chopping the water. I like to watch the seagulls and the albatross. I didn't really know what an albatross was until my brother was telling me about a poem about an albatross so I looked them up and I realized that I've been seeing them a lot when I go sailing! Apparently that's good luck.

I love being on the docks and I love being near the water. When I walk around on the docks I imagine that I'm Pippi Longstocking and that I own the place. I would really love to live on a boat; I sleep a lot better on boats. And I would love to sail around the world. That is an ultimate goal of mine: to get good enough at sailing to sail around the world alone. Imagine the adventure!

Since we're talking about sailing, here is a picture of a ship that I painted a few months ago. The picture is very blurry because I took it on my cell phone.


  1. nice painting, yo

  2. I want to sail on a real wooden ship where all the men have tied back hair and the captain has an awesome uniform.

    Beautiful painting:)