08 November, 2010

don't you know that you are a shooting star

I saw a shooting star when I was driving home tonight. It was a very intense one that burned out really low to the horizon. All of the stars are really bright tonight because the moon is not.

I think that the area that I live in has the most beautiful skies and sunrises/sunsets. Sometimes I look at the sky and I am amazed.

It was freeeeezin today. This is what I wore. I got these boots from WalMart a couple years ago. My mom saw me this morning and said "You look pretty. Take off those boots." But I didn't listen. I'm just defiant I guess.


  1. I love uggs :) Wear whatever you want lovely, you look great!

  2. The clouds behind you look like the tail of a whale. And you look really cute too (:

  3. nice boots.. :) I love it!