16 November, 2010

in through the out door

This is a view of my closet area. I hung Christmas lights around it so I decided to take a picture. I love my closet but I wish it had a little more room because my clothes don't fit in it that well. It's a lot better than it used to be though because my stepdad recently helped me renovate it. We added two more bars for hangers and a lot of shelves for shoes. And then I got rid of a TON of clothes. But for some reason they still don't fit in there.

I could tell you stories about each item of clothing in here. They all came from somewhere special or have a memory tied behind them. I guess everyone's closet is like that though. And what's weird to think about is that all of my second-hand clothes probably had other stories behind them before I bought them! Who knows what adventures they've seen?

I'm sitting in my room with only the Christmas lights on right now. They cast a soothing glow and make the white walls look golden.

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