14 November, 2010

it's that time of year

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I think I've already mentioned Christmas at least 3 times on this blog. I love Christmas. But who doesn't? I want to put up a tree already.

My mom bought these cinnamon scented pine cones and put them in our kitchen and now whenever I walk in the door it smells like Christmas. And she bought eggnog the other day. Pumpkin Pie and Eggnog are the two tastes that instantly put me in the Christmas spirit.

I've been listening (and hula hooping) to Trans Siberian Orchestra. My brother told me that I can't listen to Christmas music yet because it's not even Thanksgiving but I didn't listen to him!

I have snowflakes painted on my toes and I've been wearing socks with snowflakes on them.

I want to make some Christmas tree ornaments this year. I have a lot of ideas.


  1. Saw the TSO last year and it was awesome. I've never seen a light show like that before!! But I definitely found myself enjoying the non Xmas-y stuff the most :)

  2. yeah i saw them last year too! I didn't get to this year though.