30 December, 2010

Bundled up

I'm typing this on an ipad (which I got for Christmas!) and it's kind of hard with the touch screen. But kind of cool too.

This is what I wore to work yesterday. My mom was like "i love those colors on you" and i was like "black and grey? Lol" but i didnt really say lol because i don't speak like that irl. It was really really cold today and yesterday. Cold weather makes me want warm drinks from starbucks. Which i am trying to cut down on because its so expensive. Ive been trying to just get coffees from there instead of lattes because lattes are so expensive. But i still get lattes sometimes haha.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! I want to do something really cool and I want to wear sequins and red tights and drink chanpagne and get glitter all over me. But i dont kow what im going to do. Maybe just sit at home haha. Or go to a friends house or something. Ive never done anything really cool on new years eve, and i want to this year because this might be my last new years eve in america for a while! I dont know, i guess ill just see what tomorrow brings. I might just sit at home in my sequins watching weeds on netflix. Ill be sure to take a picture haha.

Im writing a lot today. I read somewere that people like to read the little silly things that happen in your daily life. Maybe thats only if youre an interesting person though. I feel like i should have a lot more interesting things to say but i just cant think of them. I played chess at work like 8 times today. Im getting progressively better at chess, but im still pretty bad. My life is so fascinating. Also i practiced playing dust in the wind on the guitar for quite a while at work. Im getting pretty good at that. Ha my jobs the best!

Sorry about the improper punctuation. Its kind of hard to punctuize (is that a word?) on an ipad. Its also kind of hard to copy and paste and move things around, which i would normally do on a post this wordy to create some kind of coherence. I apologize :)

Happy new year everyone! I want to post tomorrow to tell you about my new years resolutions. I hope i remember.

Strange weather

This pic is from the day after Christmas. Christmas and the day after were really warm and then all of a sudden it's freezing! I don't get it weather.

23 December, 2010

i might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me


I want to roam the countryside on horseback. I want to read books and play the mandolin by candlelight. I want to dance and sing and sleep in tents, and let the light of the moon make my path. I want to travel from town to town and put on performances for pay. I want to sell handmade jewelry and patchwork quilts on the side of the road. I want to have alpacas and sheep and knit scarves out of their wool. I want to pick apples, to stir up dirt with my worn out boots, to run through forests and over streams. I want to write stories about my adventures and draw maps in a tattered leather-bound journal. I want to see the world.

And it's time to go to sleep and dream gypsy dreams.

21 December, 2010

The sun is crying

I went to the thrift store today and I got some cool stuff. Everything Christmasy was 50% off. The glittery thing underneath that candle is a gift bag. I'm not sure if I'm going to give it away. I might just hang it on my wall or something cause it's so pretty haha. I bought that gold fuzzy stuff (garland?) that you wrap around a Christmas tree because I want to hang it from my ceiling or something. I also got some other stuff.

When I was in the store today I put all the stuff I was holding down and I thought it all looked pretty together and I had the idea right then to take a picture of it an blog about it. There were a ton of cool hair bows but I only bought two of them. They're kind of ridiculous looking but how could I pass something like that up?

The sweater is big and comfortable and enveloping.

I don't know if these shoes are for men or for women? They're kind of big but I just thought they were really cute. I like the way all the things I bought look together. They would make a good outfit with a pair of grey jeans and maybe peacock feather earrings or something.

I think this is worth mentioning. This was an idea that I got to display my earrings better. I don't like jewelry boxes because I never open them so all of my jewelry was just sitting on my windowsill before. I had this netted shirt thing that I don't really wear so I cut it up and hung it on the wall. Its kind of piratey. And now I can put other things on my windowsill. You could do this yourself with a piece of netted or sheerish fabric and some thumbtacks.


It is raining a lot right now. It sounds like the end of the world outside my window.

invisibility cloak

I helped do makeup and scene changes for the Christmas play at my church a few days ago. There was this sheer rainbow fabric that we used as a background for one scene. Of course I wanted to take pictures with it.

18 December, 2010


I got a weekend job as a character for birthday parties. I started today as Sleeping Beauty at a little girl's birthday party. I got to make balloon animals and paint nails and talk to 4 year olds the entire time.

This was before I put on the wig and dress. I looked up pictures of Sleeping Beauty online to see how her makeup looked. Obvi I don't look like her yet with my short brown hair. I look like Boris Karloff and I don't even care.
I've been listening to Tom Petty all day, can you tell?

I take pictures of myself driving. Not the safest thing in the world. I was swerving a lot. I really like this wig. I want to grow my hair out this long.

I looked pretty ridiculous driving across town to the place where the party was at. When I was stopped at a stop light a car full of people next to me was pointing and laughing. I just smiled and waved haha.

The party was really fun. The little girl was obsessed with Sleeping Beauty so it was really cool to be there as her. I sat at a special princess table with the birthday girl and drank fruit punch out of a plastic pink teacup.

I've always wanted to be a princess at Disneyland so I guess this is the next best thing. I'm pretty excited about it.

15 December, 2010

dream big

These are the most interesting pictures that I could find on my computer. I took the bottom 2, but not the top one obvi. They don't go together or anything, I just think they're all pretty cool. I wish I could tie them all together with some kind of cool story or something that makes this seem worthwhile. I could tell you stories about each individual picture but it would make this all more unorganized and thrown together.

I feel kind of sill having a blog and posting pictures of myself on it, because really, who wants to read this crap? I wish I had more interesting pictures and more interesting things to say!

I will work on it.

04 December, 2010


We just got a new donkey. Her name is Dolly. She is 7 months old, has the softest fur ever, and is as sweet as a button.

03 December, 2010


I want to wear this velvet dress to a holiday party. I got it for free at work. I am obsessed with velvet. It reminds me of Christmas.

I love Christmas. I think I'm more excited about than ever this year.

Click the link below to read a story that I wrote a few Christmases ago for a creative writing class. Hopefully it will put you in the Christmas Spirit too. :)


I've been trying on all of my clothes and now my clothes are all over the floor. Also, I found this headdress that I made for my Halloween costume (I was an Indian).

It's really cold right now, but I guess I'm going to have to get used to the cold since I might be going to Eastern Europe in the Peace Corps. I don't like the cold that much.

I have a cut on my finger and I can't really play my guitar. I've had it for about two weeks now. It's making me angry.