30 December, 2010

Bundled up

I'm typing this on an ipad (which I got for Christmas!) and it's kind of hard with the touch screen. But kind of cool too.

This is what I wore to work yesterday. My mom was like "i love those colors on you" and i was like "black and grey? Lol" but i didnt really say lol because i don't speak like that irl. It was really really cold today and yesterday. Cold weather makes me want warm drinks from starbucks. Which i am trying to cut down on because its so expensive. Ive been trying to just get coffees from there instead of lattes because lattes are so expensive. But i still get lattes sometimes haha.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! I want to do something really cool and I want to wear sequins and red tights and drink chanpagne and get glitter all over me. But i dont kow what im going to do. Maybe just sit at home haha. Or go to a friends house or something. Ive never done anything really cool on new years eve, and i want to this year because this might be my last new years eve in america for a while! I dont know, i guess ill just see what tomorrow brings. I might just sit at home in my sequins watching weeds on netflix. Ill be sure to take a picture haha.

Im writing a lot today. I read somewere that people like to read the little silly things that happen in your daily life. Maybe thats only if youre an interesting person though. I feel like i should have a lot more interesting things to say but i just cant think of them. I played chess at work like 8 times today. Im getting progressively better at chess, but im still pretty bad. My life is so fascinating. Also i practiced playing dust in the wind on the guitar for quite a while at work. Im getting pretty good at that. Ha my jobs the best!

Sorry about the improper punctuation. Its kind of hard to punctuize (is that a word?) on an ipad. Its also kind of hard to copy and paste and move things around, which i would normally do on a post this wordy to create some kind of coherence. I apologize :)

Happy new year everyone! I want to post tomorrow to tell you about my new years resolutions. I hope i remember.

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