21 December, 2010

The sun is crying

I went to the thrift store today and I got some cool stuff. Everything Christmasy was 50% off. The glittery thing underneath that candle is a gift bag. I'm not sure if I'm going to give it away. I might just hang it on my wall or something cause it's so pretty haha. I bought that gold fuzzy stuff (garland?) that you wrap around a Christmas tree because I want to hang it from my ceiling or something. I also got some other stuff.

When I was in the store today I put all the stuff I was holding down and I thought it all looked pretty together and I had the idea right then to take a picture of it an blog about it. There were a ton of cool hair bows but I only bought two of them. They're kind of ridiculous looking but how could I pass something like that up?

The sweater is big and comfortable and enveloping.

I don't know if these shoes are for men or for women? They're kind of big but I just thought they were really cute. I like the way all the things I bought look together. They would make a good outfit with a pair of grey jeans and maybe peacock feather earrings or something.

I think this is worth mentioning. This was an idea that I got to display my earrings better. I don't like jewelry boxes because I never open them so all of my jewelry was just sitting on my windowsill before. I had this netted shirt thing that I don't really wear so I cut it up and hung it on the wall. Its kind of piratey. And now I can put other things on my windowsill. You could do this yourself with a piece of netted or sheerish fabric and some thumbtacks.


It is raining a lot right now. It sounds like the end of the world outside my window.

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