02 January, 2011

"Is it weird to wear sequins to get Thai food at 1 pm?"

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a really fun New Years Eve. I did! And yesterday we went to Disneyland which was awesome. These pictures are from the day of New Years Eve. We went to get Thai food for lunch and to talk about our New Year's Resolutions. I'll blog about that night later. I wore sequins to the Thai restaurant, but not that night actually, which is kind of mixed up but whatever.

This was the food we ordered. I got red curry (on the right). It's making me hungry again looking at it. Usually I'll get red curry or yellow curry when I get thai food. I haven't tried anything super spicy yet because I'm kind of a baby about spicy stuff. I'm getting more used to it though.

I have a lot of New Year's resolutions. I want to take better care of my diabetes and start doing yoga regularly again. I want to treat people more lovingly and to be a better friend. I want to finish all my Peace Corps paperwork, read the bible in a year, and get rid of the clothes that I don't wear. I want to stop being lazy in all aspects of life, to read more, to write more, and to get really good at chess.

And to just be a better person in general I guess.

That pretty much covers it.

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