27 August, 2011

San Gorgonio

Hiked San Gorgonio with my brother a few days ago. I'm still sore from it. It's the highest peak in Southern California (but not super high at 11,500 ft). We started at about a 6,000 ft elevation and the trail that we took was 8.6 miles to the summit. It was a beautiful hike on the way up; on the way back I just wanted it to be over.

We found this sign in an ammo box at the top but it said like Aug. 20 so I changed the date to the day we hiked it.

I have now done yoga at the highest point in Southern California.

I found this book at the top. People sign in when they get up there. One thing said "everyone who gets up here are kings and queens of the wild!" It made me feel really cool! Our names are at the bottom of this page. My fingernails are really dirty in this picture!



In other news, I have been in Colorado for the Summer; I just got back like 2 weeks ago. I was working at a Summer camp as a wilderness counselor. I took kids backpacking and hiking and rockclimbing and stuff like that. It was really awesome and I got to do a lot of amazing things. A lot of times I thought to myself "I can't believe I'm getting paid for this!"

I tried to keep a diary of the summer so that I wouldn't forget anything, and at the beginning I was pretty good at it, but towards the end I didn't really write in it very often. Maybe I will post some of the stuff I wrote on here eventually.